Asbury Park: A West Side Story - A Pictorial Journey Through the Eyes of Joseph A. Carter, Sr

Negatives Expose Positive ImagesA photographer's daughter preserved her father's archive of hundreds of black and white negatives. The Images are of a media neglected population of people living in Asbury Park, New Jersey's West Side. She shares her memories about the people and places captured in the photographs that were taken almost seventy years ago. The Author/Photographer Madonna Carter Jackson has selected over 200 photographs that document the varied influences, innumerous contributions of social, civic, and community pride. You will see an amazing visual display of pictures from the 1940's through 1980, some of streets and avenues that no longer exist in the one square mile town on the Jersey coast. Readers of all ages will enjoy and relate to the reminiscing and will without a doubt, have memories of their own sparked by the display of nostalgia regardless of where they live. African American's sought to find a better life during this period, and you will be able to see life being lived lovely through this pictorial journey as seen through the camera lens of Joseph A. Carter, Sr. (1917-1980)